"I have Hillary Delaney Hall to thank for giving music back to me. #grateful

I used to love music. I was the type of person who sang to herself, sang in a choir, sang in a folk group, danced to herself, went out dancing, did Zumba, etc. I was always learning new songs. I always had the radio on when I was driving, and I drove for work every day. Music was part of the sunshine of my life.
In October 2015, a man attacked me with a taser cane as part of a larger plot to kidnap me. I am alive today because I fought him off.

Something happened to my body as a result of that tasing – I couldn’t handle too much stimulation. It didn’t matter whether it was good or bad. Too much stimulation tipped me over into anxiety and hypervigilance.

I lost music as a result of this. Even though music provided positive stimulation for me, it tipped me into anxiety and hypervigilance. I tried to get back to liking it, but the best I could do was sing to myself sometimes. I thought that I had regained music after my dog died two years ago, as I listened to music to distract me from being sad, but once I got through the grieving process, music went back to tipping me into hypervigilance.

Until Hillary.

I told Hillary that I had lost music and she thought that she could help. She was right.

We had just two sessions together. In the first one, I talked to her about what had happened and the loss of music. In the second one, with a little hypnotherapy and a lot of skill, she made it possible for me to enjoy music again.

I’m back to singing to myself. I listen to music in the car with my boyfriend. I listen to music and dance while doing dishes.

Thank you, Hillary!"

Meredith Richardson, USA


"Ever since I was a young child, I’ve had a fear of spiders that has been so debilitating I couldn’t even look at a picture of a spider without feeling awful, physical, skin-crawling sensations. If a spider was in the room, it would have to be removed and I couldn’t relax until it was gone.

Hillary used NLP to cure my phobia, getting me to recall times when I’d felt afraid of spiders and then diminish the power of those memories.

Less than a week later, a large spider ran across the carpet. I was able to look at it and even take a photo without feeling at all nervous. I’ve been able to look at photos of spiders online and appreciate them as part of the wonderful animal kingdom, like I would with any other creature, instead of feeling anxious.

Hillary said it was me that made the difference, with the power of my own mind. That may be true, but I know Hillary played an important role in guiding me through the process, which I wouldn’t have done without her.

She was very kind and gentle in her approach. At no point did I have to ‘confront my fear’ by holding a spider, which is a prospect that’s always held me back from dealing with my phobia before - I’d have run a mile!

Whilst I still would prefer not to hold a spider, I can at least tolerate the presence of one in the same room as me. That’s not only better for me, it’s better for the spider too, as I’m now confident enough to carefully put a spider outside if I need to. I look forward to future camping trips being far more relaxed too!

Thank you Hillary"

Miranda Ellis, Norwich, UK


"Hillary has a growing reputation as being the ‘spider-lady’ so with my almost paralysing fear of spiders I thought it can’t hurt to see if she could help me - I’m sooo glad I did!

We had a good chat at first and then we talked about a few of my experiences with spiders. I was then told to close my eyes whilst we thought of those memories and Hillary asked questions about my experiences. All too quick we were finished and it really felt exhaustingly magical! If you asked me did it work - the proof is in the pudding!

A medium sized spider shot out from somewhere on me as I was leaning on the kitchen side the very next night. I jumped back because it was a shock but I wasn’t scared, I was 100% calmer than normal.

A few days later I had to get rid of another one from my daughter’s bedroom; no problem! Big jug and a piece of cardboard, normally I couldn’t be in the same room. I’ve seen over 20 since Hillary did her magic; I can’t say I love spiders now but they don’t bother me in anything like the same way.

I can’t thank Hillary enough. What she did is a real game changer!"

Georgia Davies, Oxford, UK

Paul Sayers

"I got in touch with Hillary beacuse of anxiety and deprtession about a personal relationship which was affectring my self-confidence and happiness.

Hillary reccommended firstly a session of NLP in order to disassociate negative feelings with memories of past events related to this relationship.  We got down to it straight away and Hillary was clear and confident in both explaining what she was about to do and guiding me through the stages.

Hillary’s method did not require detailed explanation of the events and I was able to focus on the images and feelings. This allowed Hillary to spend time on highly effective disassociation methods.

Hillary’s warm and reassuring manner made me trust her and believe in the processes and their benefits and this was particularly the case with hypnotherapy which followed.

Hillary was highly effective in talking me into the hypnotised state. I trusted her completely and the level of relaxation I achieved was unprecedented. I didn’t lose my conscious state completely but could push it aside and allow my subconscious to be open.

The effect of Hillary’s session was amazing.

My mood and confidence were boosted and I on prompting to remember the events covered found that I no longer experienced unpleasant feelings associated with them. I am thinking about the events less and less – they are in a distant part of my brain and have no impact on my feelings.

The hynotherapy made me feel alert and bright and days later my mood is boosted and anxiety much lower and more occasional. I feel positive about the future and self-knowledge about my skills and potential is grounded and established.

I would highly recommend NLP and hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression and I would highly recommend working with Hillary."

Paul Sayers, Ludlow. UK

Kirsten Bradley 2 (2)

"I came to Hillary to try and face the one thing that I've been unable to conquer myself SPIDERS!!!!!!!!

From the start, Hillary said that she would guide me carefully and would not be plonking a very large spider in my hand.

I felt totally at ease talking about my past experiences and phobia. Through different techniques including hypnotherapy via zoom,  I started to feel less terrified and a lot calmer around our 8 legged friends.

Hillary is so calm and reassures me all the time that I'm able to overcome this fear, and now I truly believe I'm on the path to doing this.

I know Hillary is there to support me along my journey and I'm confident that together I will be able to live in a world without fear of SPIDERS!!!!!! ( something I never felt would be possible)

Loads of love


Kirsten Bradley, Ludlow.  UK

Chloe Morris

Hillary facilitated an NLP session with me for some fears coming up surrounding the impending lockdown in October 2020.

Hillary calmly walked me through past feelings of when this fear came up, helping me distinguish and address how I felt in that moment to help change how I felt.

Since the session, I feel a lot more relieved and have accepted the lockdown news which was confirmed a week later.

Fantastic result, thank you so much, Hillary!


Chloe. Brighton. UK

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